Jamie Pillet

Resident Acting Advisor

Jamie Pillet, having been a child actor herself, is now a strong advocate for young talent at Abrams Artists Agency in New York. A born and bred New Yorker, she was involved in theatre and the performing arts from a young age. She eventually attended school at the University at Buffalo, where she earned her BA in Theatre and political science. At Buffalo, she studied under some of the industry’s most respected actors and mentors- including Tony Nominated actor, Stephen McKinley Henderson. While in college, she spent time in New York City working for casting veteran Liz Lewis and eventually Bernie Telsey’ s Telsey + Company Casting. At Telsey + Company, she worked with their team of prestigious casting directors on projects ranging from new Broadway Musicals to big Studio Films. Shortly after graduating from the University at Buffalo, Jamie entered the Agent-In-Training program in the prestigious Youth Theatrical Division at Abrams Artists. After three years in the program, she decided to use her performance training to become a full time coach for young talent. The one-on-one work with up-and-coming actors was very rewarding, and as a coach, she worked with many young actors who would end up in prominent roles across all mediums. Jamie re-joined the ranks of Abrams Artists in 2014, as a fully franchised agent in the Youth Theatrical Division in New York, where she remains today. As an agent, she utilizes her experience, as well as her training in the craft to guide young actors towards success. She currently has clients who can be seen on Broadway, television and in film. www.jamiepillet.com

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