As a parent of a child with a true passion for performing, I will always strive to help my daughter pursue her musical theatre dreams. When my daughter started working professionally, we began attending classes in New York City so she could receive proper training. Exhaustively making the trip in to Manhattan and back to Long Island a couple of times after picking her up from school, I quickly realized the necessity for an intensive, Broadway-orientated class for students on Long Island – a way to bring the training from the city to the island to eliminate the stress of commuting during rush hour.


Our resident staff, all Long Island natives, are currently active within the Broadway community and understand what has been lacking from the Long Island theatre training scene.  No other program is selective with their students and has a 5:1 student-teacher ratio.  No other program has a staff that possess the knowledge of industry-level technique required to succeed in the current professional audition scene.  

This program is designed for elite theatre students and I ensure each student will receive the education and attention he or she deserves. Within the first year of our program, our students have been offered professional jobs, signed with top talent agents, and have been called in for Broadway projects based off of what has been seen of them in our classes and workshops. We have been showcased on three news networks, have been discussed in various newspapers, and were awarded by the state of New York for inspiring and educating young actors all within six months of our programs official open in September of 2016.


I could not be prouder of my accomplished faculty, talented students, and the entire Beyond the Stage program. This program is proof that intensive theatre training on Long Island can be catered to prepare the quality talent it takes to make it on Broadway and Beyond the Stage!

- Shari Cali

   Program Director



  • MASTER CLASSES: Taught by Film, Television, & Broadway professionals.

  • DEVELOP A BOOK: Age-appropriate songs of varying styles that include up-to-date repertoire that are suitable for professional auditions and concerts. Each song will be professionally cut into 16 & 32 bars that suit each individual’s voice and will be cutting-edge for the professional audition scene.

  • MOCK AUDITIONS: Auditions with professional Broadway personnel (Broadway performers, agents, etc.)

  • VOCAL TRAINING: Improving the voice, breath support, range, flexibility, and tone with goal of long-term health and development.

  • COACHED ACTING: Students will be given scenes that are used for real auditions. Students will be coached in their role as the person being auditioned as well as an audition reader.

  • AUDITION DANCE COMBINATIONS: Students experience a mock dance auditions, where they will have to learn a dance combo, just as they would in a professional audition.

  • DANCE TECHNIQUE AND STYLE: Students will learn both modern and traditional dance that is in line with current Broadway styles and choreographers.



Max signed with a top, bi-costal talent agency. He also starred in a three week staged reading of the new musical HAZEL.


Zoe filmed a guest star role on NBC's new TV series, 

The Village


Brayden booked the lead role in a short film.


Shaun signed across the board with a top, bi-coastal talent agency. He also booked a co-star on the new podcast, Job Squad.


Andrew signed with a leading boutique talent agency in New York City. He is also currently working on a new HBO series.


Kira auditioned for a new live action sketch comedy series produced by Nickelodeon.


Natalie was called in for the lead of a Broadway National Tour after her work was seen in class.


Elif auditioned for a new NBC comedy pilot being produced Spring 2019.


Daniel booked the role of Kurt in the musical "The Sound of Music" under a regional theatrical contract.

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